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Is Djokovic a contender for being considered the GOAT ?

Nadal or Federer? Who is the GOAT? is the biggest question that the tennis world wants to be answered.Nole’s name has also creeped up slowly in this debate and is now a force to be reckoned in this debate.Personally Nadal is my favourite player but I dislike Djokovic the most for he has defeated Nadal more times than being defeated by him but after handing Nadal a humbling defeat and winning his 7th Australian open, Djokovic has sparked a debate if he can be considered the Greatest Of All Time. Roger Federer is undoubtdly the best grass court player ever and of course Rafa is the king of clay with a record 11 French Open Titles.Now it seems like Djokovic is on his way to become the greatest hard court player ever. WInning 10 grand slams on hard courts is no big deal ( 7 Australian opens on 3 US Open titles).

Without a doubt, these 3 players are the best on their respective favourite surfaces.But the question that arises is that who is the GOAT..Players are usually compared through their head to head stats and the number of grand slam titles won.We all know Federer is the most successful in terms of the number of grand slam titles won but on the other side is the oldest among the three and would probably win one or two more grand slams titles at the most.Moreover he does have a losing record against Nadal and Djokovic but then again it can be argued that most of the matches that he has played against Nadal have been on clay courts and he has played a large proportion of matches against Djokovic when Fed was out of his prime. People say that Federer faced no competition when he was in his prime.But in his defense , it could also be true that Federer’s game was so good that he made his opponents look bad.One thing to be understood is that Federer completely dominated the tennis scene from 2003-2007.It was in 2008 that Nadal came up and gave Federer good competition on courts other than clay.Nadal too totally dominated the tennis scene for a while in 2010 and 2013 and so did Djokovic in 2015 and 2016 but they did it only for an year or two unlike Federer who did it constantly for 5 continuous years.

Nadal’s case for being considered the GOAT is an interesting one.Obviously no one has reached the level of success that he has reached on clay but people actually undermine his success at other surfaces. If his career is looked into, he has actually done really well on grass as well as on hard courts.The most famous example being him defeating Federer at the Wimbledon in 2008 when Fed was in his prime.He remains the only one who could figure out Federer’s game between 2005-2010 and constantly defeat him. He has a better head to head record against Fed and has just lost 3 times more to Nole than the number of times he has defeated.This year at the Australian Open though, he was completely demolished by him. But well all know Rafa for his comebacks.He has always struggled with injuries but has always come back strongly.Rafa actually has had the worst luck in terms of the competition he has faced.He had to face all Djokovic ,Fed and Murray in their prime and has done extremely well in figuring out on how to defeat them. My bold prediction is that he would win at least 4-5 more grand slams provided he remains healthy.He has a good chance,accoding to me,to be considered the GOAT at the end of his career.

Coming on to Djokovic, he actually has greater chance of becoming the GOAT than any of the two. He is back in form,is looking undefeatable and has the factor of age with him.He has a better head to head record against Rafa and Fed.Even though Rafa’s the favourite at the Roland Garros, he has an. excellent chance of defeating him on the red dirt and becoming the first man in open era to win all grand slams twice .The only problem with him is that once he is out of form, it takes a long time for him to being back to win titles.

Even though I hate to admit it, Nole actually has the best chance of becoming the GOAT by the end of his career.Nadal too has a decent chance and though this sopinio might not go down well with many, Fed,even though right now he can be considered the GOAT,he is likely to be dethroned in the near future by either of two of his greatest rivals

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Though at starting it seemed like you were biased against Nole and Federer but overall the blog precisely talks about how Nole might as well become a GOAT. Such unbiasedness is much appreciated!!


Loved the blog. Very thoughtful on your part to post this. Nigga grindin with this work. Keep it up. Y’all actin up.


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