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Predictions for the NBA season 2018-19

We all think the warriors are going to run away with 2018-19 NBA title especially after they have added Demarcus Cousins to their squad.Obviously Warriors have the best chance of winning the NBA title but we could actually be in for a surprise. According to me the following teams have a chance of winning the NBA title

  1. Golden State Warriors

The most obvious choice as their entire starting lineup was or is an all star. It is very difficult to defeat them in a series of 7 games as they boast of the best defense and offense in the NBA.They have arguably the best shooter in NBA history(Stephen Curry), one of the best catch and shoot player (Klay Thompson), Second best player in the NBA after LeBron James(according to me)ie Kevin Durant , the best center Demarcus Cousins and a former DPOY Draymond Green.Their chemistry can’t be any better and thus it is going to be very difficult to defeat them.

Chance of winning-85%

2. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have a slightly better chance of defeating the warriors than the Raptors just because they have the arguably best player in the history-LeBron James. We all know that playoffs Lebron is much much better than regular season LeBron and he has the pieces around him in Lonzo Ball,Kyle Kuzma and Ingram to win the title.Also if they trade for Anthony Davis before the trade deadline they could actually give good competition to the Warriors. They could actually face the warriors even before the eastern conference finals. They need something special from LeBron to defeat the warriors and then eventually win.A

Chance of winning-6%

3. Toronto Raptors

After adding Kawhi Leonard to their lineup, Raptors have a chance(even though it is small)of defeating the favourites Golden State Warriors. Again their chemistry is great and are arguably the best team in the Eastern Conference, they have a tendency to choke in the playoffs.They have the experiece of Kawhi Leonard though this time around so I am betting on them to win the Eastern Conference finals but they would need something extraordinary to defeat the warriors which I believe they are capable of

Chance of winning-5%.

4. Houston Rockets

They came agonisingly close to defeating the warriors the last time but I have them down the list this time because the warriors have added Cosuisn and Chris Paul’s form is not that good at the moment. I think of Harden as a great player but I don’t think his personal perfomance would be enough to help the rockets win the title. They need Chris Paul to come back in form and Eric Gordon of reviving his long lost touch of hitting 3 pointers at will.

Chance of winning-2%

5.Milwaukee Bucks

Currently occupying the top position in the eastern conference, the Bucks have an outside chance of winning the title. They have the beast Giannis who is being supported very well by Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton who has recently been announced as an all star. However they don’t have the experiece and would need Giannis to step up and unleash his best to have some chance of winning

Chance of winning-2%

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