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Are the LA Lakers heading towards becoming a superteam?

With Anthony Davis having requested a trade, the talk going around the entire NBA universe is whether the Lakers are going to acquire and the likelihood of that happening seems to be pretty strong to me.Obviously the Pelicans wouldn’t give away Davis cheaply but Lakers would try their best to get him. They have the assets in Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram,Zubac and Caldwell Pope to trade for Davis. Celtics too have a good chance of acquiring him and if the Pelicans are smart I think they should wait for the trade deadline and start a bidding war between the Celtics and Lakers to decide who gets Davis. But in my opinion Davis is most likely going to the Lakers

Now I am hoing to consider that LA have unlimited cap space and I am going to talk about can they create cap space for the following stars at the last of this post

Now lets consider if Davis comes to the Lakers. Him with LeBron is going to be a deadly combo. In the Pelicans, Davis is usually double teamed but at the lakers other teams won’t be able to do so as LeBron would be on his side.

Next year Kawhi’s going to become a free agent and he has already stated that he wants his next home to be LA.Even though he does seem happy being in Toronto, his main motive to leave San Antonio was its weather and in Toronto , the weather isn’t any better. So I think he too gets traded this off -season. And the Lakers could actually be a good spot for Leonard alongside Davis and LeBron.

Kyrie Irving by stating that he is open to reuniting with LeBron and doesnt owe anyone anything, I think he has distanced himself from re-signing with the Celtics. His apology to LeBron also gives me a hint that he is leaning towards signing with the Lakers. If this happens Lakers are going to be a full loaded squad with LeBron,Kawhi, Davis and Irving

But what happens if Klay Thompson also signs with the Lakers. He has also stated that he would sign with the Lakers provided he gets a max contract and Davis sign with Lakers as well. Looking at the situation, the only way for the warriors to keep him is by giving him a max contract which seems a bit out of reach for them.

Now lets talk about cap space. If we are being real here Lakers can trade for Davis for Lonzo,Ingram , Zubac and some picks. They might even be able to just create the cap space for Kawhi but to create cap space for more players of such high calibre is sinply just not possible

I just don’t see another superteam being created so soon after the warriors’ superteam.

So even though it may seem nice to have such players in one team to compete against the “villain” team i.e. the warriors, it simply isn’t going to happen

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