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Be kind!

In this world of selfishness, where everyone is full of themselves and would even indulge in illegal and immoral activities for their own benefit, try to help people in small little ways! Give your Uber driver 5 stars without any hesitation provided they doesn’t do anything majorly bad. Always thank the waiter when he brings your food and while leaving the restaurant. 2 simple words could make their day. It would change their mood if they were having a rough day. Tip them with an open heart if you liked their service. Don’t get angry at the waiter if your food is not up to the mark. Instead, politely ask them to call the manager or the chef . Again, talk to the chef with utmost respect and ask him to rectify the problem in a courteous manner. Who knows what they may be going through.

Always give people second chances on most issues. You never know it might be someone’s bad day and are otherwise good at what they are doing. Even the Beatles were rejected by Decca records. A startup by the name of “Ring” was sold to Amazon for a billion USD after being rejected by the investors of The Shark Tank. Micheal Jordan, considered by many as the greatest basketball player of all time was not selected for his basketball high school team. So, never dissuade someone and keep motivating others to achieve what they want to. Who knows they might end up being a worldwide sensation just like the examples mentioned above.

Personally, there are a lot of people who dissuade me from writing my blog by saying things like your blog is “trash” without any reason and tell me to stop writing. They make fun of me for writing a blog.(I don’t know why).But then there are people who love my blog and follow it closely. So when my blog is going to become really popular (I have a feeling it would if I keep writing), my success would be the perfect reply to all those people who criticise my blog without any reason. . So, appreciate small things. You would be helping people like me to keep doing what they like. You would be their incentive to follow their passion.

I hate it when someone starts a youtube channel and others discourage him/her from starting one. Instead, promote their youtube channel, help them grow their audience and assist them in any way you can. If you know how to edit and have free time, edit their videos for them. If you have some idea for their channel, suggest it to them. Nobody minds any suggestions. Don’t be shy. Nobody’s going to laugh at you for providing ideas[ Yeah, I’d appreciate it if you promote my blog and suggest some ideas in the comment section. Don’t mind me 🙂 ]

Moreover, don’t criticise people who are rich and powerful. There is a reason they have reached the level that they are at (most of the times) and should be appreciated for their hardwork. However this is a topic for another day. Till then

Over and Out!

14 replies on “Be kind!”

The world needs more love, support and kindness. Everyone is fighting their own battle.


I totally agree. We’re so quick to judge people based on our own perception of what we think is right or wrong. We forget that we’re all unique and what might be right for me doesn’t have to be right by you. We need to build each other up, not tear each other down.


You have some beautiful thoughts😊 I see so much cynicism around me that I try to do as many of these things as possible. While walking out of the society I say a namaste to the guards with a smile and their faces light up. Spreading positivity everywhere we can.


Hi Himanaya, Kindness is a powerful way to fully live each day, and the smallest acts of kindness can make someone’s day — or even their life. Paradoxically, it is also rare. Kindness is always a great idea, so thank you for considering how the magic happens 🙂


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