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Why do you criticise people for the sake of it

Criticising people just because they are rich is a tendency which most of us have. But why There is a reason wealthy people have managed to earn so much. 99 out of 100 people people are rich because they have worked hard for their wealth. Criticise people’s actions, not people. Saying that Mr X is such a bad man because he has so much money and is buying private planes or luxury cars with it instead of helping the poor is illogical. I say that when he has worked so hard for his success, then why shouldn’t be allowed to buy what he wants to or has dreamt of having one day. Of course, giving to charity is a great thing but criticising others because they are buying things that they like is something which doesn’t make sense. Another thing I’d like to mention here is that children who take over their parents’ business have to work hard as well. It is only if they work diligently that they will be able to run the business in the desired manner. If there is food on your plate, you need to know how to eat it. It won’t enter your mouth by itself.

Similarly, someone who has powers or can influence decisions in an organisation has reached such a level because they have worked hard for it.

Another thing that surprises me is people love to criticise other religions and show their religion as the best. Some even tell their children to stay away from people of a particular religion or stay close to people only from their religion. Some atheists mock theists to no ends which is entirely wrong according to me . If you don’t believe in God, that’s fine. But this doesn’t mean you start condemning believers of God. Likewise, denouncing atheists makes no sense. Have your own belief but at the same time, respect others’ beliefs too.

People criticise others because of their occupation as well. Some hate doctors because they think doctors loot patients. Others hate businessmen because they think businessmen are crooks. A lot of us look down upon waiters and drivers and taunt people who take up such jobs by saying, “Such bad days have come that you have to take a job of such kind.”

Ahh and the society criticises people’s personal choices as well, be it choosing your career, having a girlfriend/boyfriend or roaming with friends of opposite gender(These are the things which are prominent in my country). It feels like you are going to get criticised on whatever choice you make.

Criticism is necessary but is useful only when it is constructive. While constructive criticism improves things and handling it is a really vital part of achieving your goal, destructive criticism demotivates people. Criticise, but only when you have a logical reason and not based on stereotypes.

Criticising someone just because they belong to a certain group or are more privileged than others is not something which makes sense. People should be criticised on the basis of what they do individually. And no, they should not be criticised for things like what food they like or what types of songs they listen to…

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7 replies on “Why do you criticise people for the sake of it”

“It feels like you are going to get criticised on whatever choice you make.” Absolutely true
Kuch toh log kahenge..


I wouldn’t say its a strawman as most of it is of my personal experience. However, it could be true that such things are limited to my region or country.


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