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Is Dhoni important for India’s success at the ICC WC 2019?

India’s recent perfomance in the 4th ODI against New Zealand has raised doubts whether India is too dependent on its openers and Virat Kohli to score runs.It feels like Dhawan,Rohit or Kohli don’t score runs, India is bound to lose. It might be too early to comment on India’s middle order but they have shown no signs of promise when the top order fails.

Kohli is arguably the best batsman in the world right now. If we look at his scores in the past 25 ODI’s he has scored in single digits only once. He has set the bar so high for himself that if he scores around 40 runs,people think that he has not done well. Rohit is the best opener in limited overs cricket right now in my opinion and his stats in the recent years speak for themselves.And Dhawan can provide a quick start to the innings. Dhawan is actually one of the most underrated batsmen. But what happens if these 3 fail.

This is where Dhoni’s role comes in. Indeed he is not what he used to be and can’t hit those magnificent sixes now but he plays a really vital role. He can stablilize the innings if the other batsmen fail to score. He brings in a sense of calmness to the inning. There is not one, not two but plenty of examples where he took India to a respectable total when the team was on verge of collapse.Moreover him regaining his form back is a big plus. There is no better wicket-keeper in the world right now and even at the age of 37,he can beat most players in terms of fitness. He has lost his finishing touch but he can play the second fiddle to a top order batsman very well and the job of playing second fiddle is very important as no one player can win the game without considerable support from other players. After all cricket is a team game!

Also, the strategic mindset of Dhoni is unmatched and even though Kohli is the better batsman, Dhoni is a much better leader. His understanding of the game, the calmness he brings is unmatched. And this experience is much needed for the WC as the rest of the team is relatively young.Dhoni absorbs pressure much better than his counterparts and is thus very essential to the team. His decision to take DRS is rarely wrong and this is another plus he brings to the team.

His strike rate sometimes is a reason for concern and this was highlighted in the first ODI against Australia ib the previous series but people should understand that he came in when the score was 4/3 and it had to be ensured that they don’t lise more wickets. Even though India did lose the match,Dhoni and Rohit took the team very close to the target. Here again he played the role of second fiddle.Dhoni understands that he doesn’t he does not have the power that he once used to have and thus is happy rotating the strike keeping the scoreboard ticking.

I believe Dhoni should be promoted up the order to number 4 where I would predict him to have an equally impressive average as Kohli if not more than him.I believe he has the capability to anchor the innings.

Dhoni was and is the best leader India has had in ODI cricket for a long time. For test cricket, I believe Dhoni did lack a bit in terms of setting a good field for the batsmen or taking aggressive and bold approaches which are necessary to win test games.

But for the WC, he will be a huge help to Kohli in leading the team and is really important if India wants to win the World Cup

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