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Why I am leaving Blogging

2 months ago, I started blogging. I really loved doing it. The number of views, the country they were from, the number of likes and the number of comments that my blog would excite the little kid in me.

Then one month ago, I monetized my site with my own custom domain name hoping to get more traffic. However, nothing of such sort happened. I hoped to earn some amount of money out if my blog and even though thousands of ads are being served, the CPM I get is so low that I would barely be able to recover my investment.

I have no topics left to write on. Also, blogging has become a chore. Thinking of topics, regulating comments, checking stats, etc takes up too much of my time. After I publish a blog post, the advertising that I have to do is also not easy. Putting up stories on social media and telling and convincing people to advertise my blog is really hard. Not-so-constructive criticism brings me down.Also, the disappointment that follows if a blog post doesn’t do well is very difficult to handle. I think I could use my time in a much more effective way rather than writing a blog



P.S- None of the things mentioned above is true and I have no intention of leaving blogging.