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Going vegetarian!

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”- Paul McCartney
People who know me are aware of the fact that I used to love non-vegetarian food. Till February of this year, I used to crave non-vegetarian food, be it chicken, eggs or fish. Being the only member of my family who used to eat non-vegetarian food, the amount of meat I would eat was considerably less but whenever I ate non-vegetarian food, I would love it.

But deep down inside, there had always been guilt.The guilt of having indirectly killed an animal for my own short-lived pleasure. The guilt of eating another animal for a taste that would go away after a while. We had to write an essay supporting or going against non-vegetarian food. I wrote against it even though I ate chicken and eggs. That day I knew my subconscious mind doesn’t agree with my choice. Regardless, I did not stop for an year or so.

And then one day, I decided to become a vegetarian. Friends were surprised. Parents were shocked for I loved non-veg food. And then suddenly, I decided that I’m going to become a vegetarian so they were left in shock. Nevertheless, they supported my decision, probably because they themselves don’t eat meat.

Another factor that contributed to my decision was the condition that animals are kept in slaughterhouses. The conditions are so inhumane that if you look at the pictures of slaughterhouses, you would leave meat at once. I believe that eating meat is not important for maintaining the food chain as animals are artificially bred to meet and satisfy the human want of meat.

Also, having eggs is as bad as consuming meat if not worse. Again the conditions and the processes that chickens have to go through so that their production of eggs increase is horrifying. I would say it might be better to die instead of living under such terrible conditions and going through such horrifying treatment.

Just because we consider ourselves to be the “best” and the most advanced species on earth, doesn’t mean we don’t respect the lives of other species. Also, there are species which are more advanced than us in some way or other such as ways of communication or speed or reflexes. Morally, the lives of other species are as precious as ours. If we have the option of eating a plant-based diet, why not prefer that over killing harmless animals for our own pleasure!

Moreover, it is a huge myth that we can’t fulfill our nutrient requirements without non-vegetarian food. There is tons of variety available for vegetarians that provide proper nutrition. Indeed, it might be difficult to get vegetarian food everywhere with ease. But a little effort could save an animal’s life. To add to that, studies have found that vegetarian food leads to better health and reduces the chances of various diseases.

Don’t say that you love animals if you eat meat. You can’t love something and eat it at the same time.

I now proudly proclaim that my food is grown and harvested and not born and killed. After all, even Einstein said that nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.

(All of these are solely my views. Everyone has a right to choose what they want to eat)

Over and out