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Have people become too judgemental and insensitive?

Have people become too judgemental?Have people become insensitive these days?The short answer is yes

Let me allow to explain myself using examples from my own life.People who know me but aren’t that close to me think that I am a serious,studious and a quiet human being.They dont’t try to understand me but form opinions that as this guy gets good grades,he would be studious.People nowadays go to any limit to crack jokes not think about those being affected. A person asked me at a party,”Why have you come to this party?Don’t you have to study?” This is the thinking of the people of this generation and then we talk about thinking modern.People who know me understand that I am a lively guy who plays Basketball,video games,reads novels and likes to go out with friends to movies or parties.But to others since I supposedly get good grades, I am not allowed to enjoy and am just supposed to study. According to me, if we compare the hours spent studying for exams, I would not even be in the top 50% of that list.Again people who are superficially aware of who I am are going to accuse me of lying but the truth would not change.When i confront people that I don’t study as much as they think I do,they say,”Then how do you get grades?”My answer to that is that acquiring knowledge is not about how much you study but the way you study.One thing I pride myself for is that I study not for grades but for knowldege.

Let’s take some other examples which shows the hypocrisy of the society.

Let’s talk about the recent event of the decriminalisation of Section 377 which prohibited same-sex marriage in India.Obviously it is a great step taken towards equality and freedom.But people have started cracking jokes like if they have heard that section 377 has been decriminalised and have started cracking jokes regarding this matter.Not only is this is an insult to the person they are talking to but also to the members of the LGBT community who are still fighting for their rights in many countries.And when they are asked if they support the LGBT community,they readily say Yes.I ask such people to take one stance.What you preach should be what you do.You just cannot support a thing along with showing it in a bad light. Granted that you have the freedom of speech and expression but it also is your duty not to abuse it.

Then there are the pseudo-feminists. I respect feminism and I fully support this movement for equal rights and status for men and women. I also agree that there are still hundreds of places where women are treated inferior to men.But some women nowadays have started treating men as if they are inferior to them.Recently I was reading on Quora that there was an incident that an old man was forced to give up his seat to a young lady in a public bus as that lady asked the man to give up his seat on the account that he was a man and she was a woman.Now the man initially refused to give up his seat but once he was forced by the lady and other people in the bus who thought the women to be the victim, he had to give in. I can obviously not guarantee that this story is true(But I feel it to be),but I am quite sure such incidents are happening in the country.I want to tell such psuedo-femininsts that feminism is a struggle for equal right for both sexes,it is not a struggle for superior rights for women over men.

I hope after reading this, if you are guilty of any of the above , would understand what wrong were you doing and try to bring a change in yourself.

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