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Nothing comes before mental health!

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor and more unashamed conversation – Glenn Close
“That man is consulting a psychiatrist. He is mad”. These words represent the mentality of the typical Indian today and is something which needs to be changed.

If a person is going through mental trauma and needs to visit a psychiatrist, the society says innumerable things about him/her. Mental illness is like a taboo in our society. People need to understand that mental illnesses are as real as physical illnesses and they should support the person who is suffering from depression rather than forming opinions about him. This is the reason millions of people in India are scared to get help for their depression or mental illness. They are scared that the society will laugh at them.

A lot of people around me say that they are depressed because they couldn’t buy shoes of their choice and then seem to be perfectly fine the next day. Please understand that depression is not a joke and don’t think that you are under depression when you are momentarily sad because of a materialistic thing. Depression is something else altogether.

Hundreds of students commit suicide every year because of depression. No one asks students if they are fine mentally and if they need help regarding any problem that they might be facing ; all people care is about what grades is the student getting and how well he is performing in his examinations. People need to understand that depression is a real thing. Having suicidal thoughts is not normal.

I, myself was not mentally healthy the last two years . I was constantly compared to my brother which made me very sad. I was told again and again that I am nothing compared to my brother , directly or indirectly, by my schoolmates and relatives. There was a teacher who said that I should become like my brother and follow him in whatever I do as if I can’t do anything on my own.It was a really difficult time for me. I wouldn’t say that I was depressed but I wasn’t completely fine either. A lot of my friends too are struggling mentally due to the extreme pressure put on by their parents, teachers and friends. Some of them feel that they are criticized to no ends by their parents, some of them feel insecure with their own friends and some of them have suicidal thoughts due to variety of reasons. I can tell you that you can’t cure your mental illness by yourself. If you could, you wouldn’t be ill in the first place!

There are psychologists in almost every institution so don’t shy away from asking for help. Online help is also available easily. There is nothing wrong in getting professional help. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of! Don’t listen to people who tell you that consulting psychologists is a bad thing. It is such type of people who shame our country. Nothing lasts forever so if you are suffering with depression, remember that it would come to an end.

Your mental health is much more important than grades and pleasing the society so take care of yourself!

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