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It’s not wrong to be an introvert!

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining”- Anne Lamott

There are 3 types of people in this world- Introverts, extroverts and ambiverts. There is a common belief that introverts are inferior to extroverts and ambiverts. This belief is not only prevalent amongst extroverts but some introverts too feel that their personality isn’t something to be proud of. I am totally against this thinking.

Now, I consider myself as an introvert who doesn’t enjoy being in the center of attention. I would rather sit at home and read a novel instead of going to parties. Many people view me as a shy boy who minds his own business and I am totally fine with that. I have my close group of friends with whom I can talk about anything. I might be shy with strangers but with my close friends, I am the biggest nuisance creator. I would sing songs and dance along with my close friends but I would feel uncomfortable doing it in front of people with whom I don’t talk much.

If people call you a “geek” or a “nerd”, let them. Do what you like. You weren’t born to please anybody! It’s better to curl up in your bed, reading your favourite book or watching a movie than going to parties and if you get bored there . I, myself hate going to social gatherings. Whenever I am forced to go to one, what I do is find a corner table, sit their and use my phone to write a blog or text my close friends. I can behave like an extrovert and talk to people if I have to but I get completely exhausted doing so. To me small talk is like food having minimal nutritional value . I would rather talk about planets and outer space than talking about what clothes people are wearing. Small talk might be good to start a conversation but has no role thereafter. You can initiate a conversation with small talk but to become good friends with someone and to maintain that friendship, the role of small talk is negligible.

I agree that one should know how to talk to people confidently but that doesn’t mean you have to go on talking the whole day long. Speaking irrelevant and nonsensical things all the time serves no purpose and is utter wastage of time. There is zero relation between talking and achieving success.

I would often feel that I was missing out on a lot of things by avoiding going to functions and parties. When I would see my schoolmates add posts on their social media accounts about where they are partying, I would often question myself if I was wrong in not going to parties. But when I went to a few of them, I realized loud music and dancing isn’t for me and I should stick to staying at home playing video games with my close friends and reading the latest novels by my favourite writers. So, if everyone is doing something, it doesn’t mean you have to do it too. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Don’t succumb under peer- pressure. I embrace my personality type and know that nobody cares if I attend a gathering.

No personality type is superior to another. Don’t think that being an introvert or extrovert is bad; Live life the way you want to.

Over and Out

Views on issues

Are we really allowed to live our lives our own way?

We live in the world’s largest democracy(India) but I often wonder that are we being allowed to live our lives our own way in this country? The answer that comes to my mind is a starightforward ‘NO’.

Now my argument has 2 aspects. One legal and one moral. Let me talk about the moral one first. This is based on what the society and the public expects of us. They, in a way, force us become doctors or engineers when we might not be interested in these professions. If we don’t take either of these professions , we are regarded as a failure. They control our personal lives. They tell us what to do and what not to. If you want to go out with your friends which might involve both girls and boys, they start judging us. They regard us as shameless and a disgrace to our families . If we don’t want to celebrate some traditional festival and if we go against an old meaningless tradition , we are considered to be as someone who goes against his/her own culture and are condemned to no ends. If we get good grades, we are thought to be a nerd. If we don’t, we are thought to be a spoilt child.They decide how much we should learn. If we want to stay at home minding our own business, they regard us as an anti-social person. They decide how much time we get to stay out from our home. They decide our religion. They say, ” You have to follow the religion you are born into as it is a sin to change your religion”. You are thought to be a rebel if you get a tattoo. They decide how much affection you can show to people in public. It is they who decide what type of clothes you wear. You aren’t even allowed to choose whom you want to marry. “Leave it up to your parents and relatives.They know what’s best for you”. As if anyone know a person better than he knows himself. So the conclusion is that it is ‘they’ who control our social and personal life in this country.(“They” refers to the typical society) But I would like to mention that all these prejudices are changing slowly. But we still have a long way to go

Coming to the legal part, 3 of our states have banned alcohol for its citizens except for medicinal purposes. I am personally against the consumption of alcohol but according to me, every citizen has the right to decide if he wants to consume alcohol for it doesn’t have very harmful effects if taken in light amounts. The content that we might be creating in the form of movies, books, magazines etc is censored in such a way that it loses all its meaning. I myself fear writing blogs on certain topics due the growing hooliganism in our country. All these example show we aren’t being provided the rights we are entitled to in a true democracy. However I do agree that extensive rights given to us constitutionally are unparalleled and India is indeed amongst one of the most successful democracies despite the issues we face today.

I hope you will give a thought to my thoughts.

Over and Out.