Poetry Poetry

Those Little Things

Getting another slice of pizza,

Suddenly thinking of a beautiful story idea,

Finding out that the information you require is on Wikipedia,

All of these scream, “Eureka”!


Dancing along to your favourite song,

Talking to your best friends all night long,

And when you know that someone is lying but you play along,

These little things give joy, lifelong.


Going on a vacation after a tiresome few weeks,

Listening to your new sneakers squeak,

Learning new skills and techniques,

All of these give happiness in heaps.


Completing a long project,

Watching a movie with special effects,

Secretly enjoying when your loved ones over-protect,

All of these give beautiful memories to reflect!


They are the very source of enjoyment,

Making up life’s vital components,

So savour every one of these little moments!

My trip to LA- Travelogue#1

USA holds a special place in my heart for I have visited it plenty of times. As I am visiting USA again, I am reminded about about my last trip here in 2017. This travelogue is about my trip to Los Angeles. Having heard a lot about this city, I was excited to hear my dad say we’re visiting L.A.

After spending more than eighteen hours in a metal tube, I was thrilled to land in the city of flowers and sunshine.

We decided to begin our trip by visiting Rancho Mirage, a little known town near Los Angeles. Exhausted by the tiring journey, it wasn’t late before we found ourselves on the bed, ready to sleep.

We woke up the next day ready to start afresh.The city, though tiny, offers picturesque views. Blessed with a desert on one side and mountains on the other, the town is a true delightB.  Though initially sceptical to try, I really loved this town’s delicacy of date ice cream.

In the evening, we drove back to L.A.

We checked into a hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel staff warned us against visiting places like Skid Row and South Central as they’re frequented by criminals. I was astonished to hear that the city of Hollywood too isn’t immune to crime.

The next morning, we drove to the famed Hollywood Hills and saw the popular Hollywood Sign. Even though one can’t get close to this sign, a trip to L.A. isn’t complete without witnessing it. It was surreal to watch something in person of which I had always seen pictures of. The natural beauty of this area is an enough reason for even Non-Hollywood-fans to pay it a visit.

I convinced my family to visit the Santa Monica Pier after reading good things about it on the internet. I was left really disappointed when I reached there. I didn’t find anything special about it for it didn’t live up to hype created around it. There are better things to do in L.A. than visiting this crowded pier.


We headed back to our hotel and  bought L.A.’s famous tacos on the way back. These tacos were a reason enough to uplift my mood. 

Finally came the day I was most excited about. After having a filling breakfast consisting of pancakes, waffles and cheese, we headed to Universal Studios. Even though it was a weekday, this place was bustling with activity. Owing to paucity of time, we decided to take the fast pass which allowed us to skip queues.  Full of fun, scary and enthralling rides, this theme park won’t disappoint you. Apart from rides, this park showcases Hollywood sets that were used in real movies. 

We all were dead tired after spending the whole day at the theme park and slept as soon as we reached our hotel rooms. 

The next day which was the final day for us in Los Angeles, we visited Malibu and I have to say that it had really good beaches. The water was crystal-clear and the sand was white.

 Nearby was also the Getty Villa, an architectural mueseum. It was a unique place having unique statues and artefacts and was worth a one time visit

In the evening, we stopped by Rodeo Drive, the most famous street of Los Angeles. A walk on this lively street uplifted our moods. We stopped by at a pizza restaurant called “Pizzanista”, which served the best pizza that I’ve tasted till date. I would like to mention here that while visiting L.A., try to avoid having food from fast food chains. Instead, try the local cuisine and have your meals at local restaurants.


The next day, we bade adieu to L.A. and took a flight to get to my uncle’s place in Pittsburgh. Exploring Los Angeles was indeed a really different experience for me!