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When will the younger generation be able to defeat the big 3 in Tennis?

When will the big 3 era come to an end? This is the question asked by millions of tennis followers around the world. Even though it is a delight to watch Rafa, Fed and Nole battle it out against each other, it would be nice if the younger generation give these guys a good challenge and defeat them constantly. Zverev, Tsitispas and Theim all three have given glimpses that they are capable of defeating the big three but they haven’t been able to defeat the big three consistently.

The Big 3 have won 50 of last 59 grand slams combined. The first 3 players on the list of Most Grand Slams won are Rafael Nadal , Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. They also dominate the list of highest paid tennis athletes.These stats alone show the dominance of the big 3

Now when will their dominance come to an end?

The form that Djokovic and Nadal are in,it seems unlikely that they are going to be defeated by the younger generation.There is no doubt that players like Zverev and Tsitispas do have a lot of talent. But they are raw. They do not have the experience to handle pressure. The recent example is Nadal defeating Tsitispas 6-4,6-2,6-0. Even though Tsitispas is not that bad but Rafa just completely demolished him just because Tsitispas couldn’t handle the pressure.

Even before Zverev and Tsitispas came up, there were players like Ferrer, Del Potro, Wawrinka who were all great players but were overshadowed by the big 3. Andy Murray to some extent was able to defeat the big 3 somewhat consistently and people consider him to be part of what is known as Big 4 but according to me he was not able to get up to the level of the other 3 players.Wawrinka too is an excellent player who has won some grand slams but is really inconsistent.This consistency is what separates the big 3 from the rest

Djokovic is 31 years old,Rafael Nadal is 32 years old and Federer is 37 years old. So surely they cannot dominate tennis for more years to come.

But experience has shown that you can NEVER count out the Big Three. When you never expect it, they perform miraculous comebacks. Most famous example is Nadal coming back in 2013 and winning Roland Garros and US Open after suffering from tendonitis in 2012.Now Djokovic,after an injury layoff and bad form has returned strongly winning the Wimbledon, US Open and Austrialian Open consecutively. Roger Federer too, is in a league of his own. He is giving competition to the best even at the age of 37.He is always amongst one of the favourites to win slams and that is no small deal at the age of 37!

Now according to me it looks like it would take another 3-4 years when the younger players like Zverev and Tsitispas would constantly win grand slams and the big 3 would fade away. We are really fortunate to live in an era the same as Rafa,Fed and Nole.

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