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Are we all racist and discriminatory in some way or the other?

Being an Indian, I often find people living around me accuse the Europeans and the Americans to be racist and hostile towards our ethnicity. Of course there are some people who are racist towards our ethnicity.The recent example being the whole T-Series vs Pewdiepie saga where people have turned aggressive against Indians calling them names and stereotyping them.When asked why do they do so, they say its just a joke. I want to tell them that being racist and disrespecting a certain ethnicity just cannot become a reason for laughter. However, I believe that such people constitute a very small amount when compared to the whole.

However, we Indians ourselves are racist in some way or another. For instance people living in Northern India are racist towards those living in South and vice-versa.People living in one part think that people living in the other part are uncultured, dirty and egoistical. Not only that, some people call our own country’s citizens who live in North-Eastern part of the country as “outsiders” and “foreign” just because they look a different way. We like to insult people by saying that they are form a certain background which is considered to be lowly by our society. Though religion can’t truly be defined as a race, I would also like to mention that being discriminated against on the basis of religion isn’t that rare here and then we Indians complain of being on the receiving end of racism from other countries when we ourselves are racists. Even though much of the racism might be intended on a light note, people need to understand that race is one topic that cannot be made a topic for having fun.

It is not only in my country that such cases happen. For instance in USA, a small part of the white people still view blacks as theives and drug dealers while some blacks view whites as self-centered and uneducated about other cultures. And obviously we know that there are some people,not only in USA but also in some countries of Western Europe, who view all Muslims and Sikhs as terrorists. This is why there are tons of attacks and on religious places of Muslims and Sikhs and assaults on Muslim and Sikh people.And then they call Muslims as terrorists when they themselves are induldging in a criminal activity.How ironical and hypocritic! And because of such people the name of the entire nation gets degraded even though the number of people who discriminate on basis of race and religion are very few in number. So, if you love your country, please don’t support racism.If you don’t liked to be on the receiving end of racism, don’t be racist yourself in any way to anyone. Its only then that a virtuous cycle would start and we would be able to get rid of this evil from the entire world!

And then we discriminate on basis of nationality. People think of people from India to be unhygienic, people from USA and Europe to be “modern”, people from Germany to be heavy drinkers and people from the Middle East to be inhumane. These things might have been true to some extent a long long time back but now such stereotypes are as true as unicorns!We should not limit ourselves to be a citizen of a certain country but try to become a citizen of the globe.

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I could not have said it any better, I agree to the fullest with your view on the topic of racism.


How true. All people are capable of looking down on others just because they live in a different part of town! The most tolerant folk are often to be found in cities that have a great mix of nationalities.

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Absolutely! My mother, who was Mexican was more racist than my father who was from Alabama, a pre-supposed state of racists. I think we all have “prejudices” but really, I think oftentimes we make judgement calls on people of a certain race based on our experiences with them. I had a Muslim woman slam my cart, because she wanted my spot in line at the checkout counter. I noticed this aggressive behavior from others as well, so I assessed they were mean. Years later it came to me that perhaps this was commonly done in her country, but… was that an accurate assumption? I don’t know. I did quit shopping there as often. (I was young) Because, I sometimes drive for UBER or Lyft, when I go into certain neighborhoods, I must make a judgement call on who I pick up and have to be very careful. My friend, a cop, had that beat and warned me, so is that being racist since most are of color?
My ex once told me that the other flight attendants he flew with hated flying American when they traveled. They said the girls were rude to them because they were from another airline. I told him I thought they were great, I had no trouble at all! His reply was, ” Of course not, you’re so friendly, who could hate you?” So my theory on that, is, you sometimes get what you put out. If you are kind and friendly, most people will respond in kind. If not… then you did your part. It’s definitely worth working at.
Sorry to be long winded there.
Good post!


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