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Ego and arrogance

Your ego is your soul’s worst enemy

Rusty Erie

Ego is something which I believe is present in people’s soul by birth. I say so because no one can teach you to be egoistic. It is an innate tendency of people to be full of themselves and wanting to see themselves above everyone else. I think that even though people might appear to be humble from the outside, a significant portion of them are really proud of themselves for the smallest of things that they might have achieved. Once you really care for someone, that ego would disappear while you are with that person but as soon as you are with a stranger, letting go of ego is exceptionally difficult.

I am under the impression that ego has been responsible for the fall of many powerful leaders in the past and is the reason for a lot of global tensions. Once ego comes in, peace goes away. Everyone is so busy in proving their might that they are forgetting that all their power will turn to nothing when they die. However, if they perform acts of kindness, they will live on even after their death. Providing basic amenities of education and health for a poor person would go a far far longer way than spending money on yourself just to show off.

Being jealous of others is not something which is rare. I am of the opinion that even though jealousy can drive you to achieve something you aspire to, it causes you to take the path of self destruction more often than not. Being jealous is normal. However, I feel it is necessary to ensure that seeing other people successful doesn’t cause you to develop a hate towards them.

If other’s success shouldn’t affect you, so shouldn’t your own success. So many times have we seen in the history of the world that arrogance of leaders have led to their demise. Take the example of Alexander or Napoleon Bonaparte. It was their arrogance that led to their downfall.

There is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance. You need to be confident but confidence doesn’t mean you should belittle others. Confidence doesn’t mean you have to be high-headed. You have to maintain a balance between having your independent views and not thinking you’re always right.

Even though it’s easy to say that don’t be arrogant or egoistic, it is quite difficult to not be arrogant and confident at the same time in practicality. Dear reader, I hope you strike a balance between the two.

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7 replies on “Ego and arrogance”

Unlike you said that nobody can teach you to be egoistic I believe that our closest friends and parents do have a role in moulding our personas and in doing so even if they themselves are egoistic but are trying to teach their kids not to be more so often the kid ends up being egoistic and arrogant too so as a result it’s our responsibility to ensure that our kids understand the downfall that such qulaities bring to the society as well as our own self.
It is this essential to teach kids to understand how important and short this life is and how being arrogant is just going to ruin this wonderful experience for them

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I agree with you to some extent. Parents do play a role. However I feel some ego is present in our souls by birth .
You have hit the bullseye on all other points!


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